Saving on Translation

Internet technology has a great impact on many industries and the translation service market is no exception. The times when clients reached out to their local translation service providers belong to the past. Clients order translation services online as they realize it is cheaper, faster and more convenient. This is due to new techniques and tools which bring advantages to clients as well as service providers. You may ask how it is possible that ordering translation services online can make such a huge difference in price, delivery time and convenience. First of all, translation service providers equipped with an online translation portal and an automated translation management system are able to cut their service costs because the majority of tasks and agents involved are eliminated.

Translation providers are able to concentrate their efforts on providing a high quality translation service instead of tasks related to file exchange, resource management or accounting. This reduction in costs allows service providers to offer much lower rates to their clients. Secondly, an online translation service allows clients to obtain an instant quote and delivery time for document translation services. Clients are able to upload their documents using an online portal and place their order in real time. Translation providers are notified immediately about the order and are able to start working on it right away. Depending on what languages are involved and the number of documents required for translation, translation service providers can handle orders on their own or outsource translation services to translators who are part of their teams.

A translation management system streamlines file exchange, improves communication between clients, project managers and translators, and overall allows for faster completion of the project and delivery of translated documents. Finally, online translation portals allow clients to obtain quotes and submit orders anytime. The progress of orders can be tracked online from a web interface. Online translation portals provide tools that simplify communication between clients, translators and translation providers. Clients are able to retrieve invoices for all orders directly from their online accounts. These are just a few among many features that make online ordering more convenient.