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Hiring a translator

When it comes to selecting a translator we often ask ourselves: what are the criteria to follow to find the right professional? This article sets out guidelines aimed at helping you to find the service provider that will satisfy your translation service needs. The article discusses basic selection criteria.

When cultural accuracy is a concern, it is crucial to ensure that the language the document should be translated into is the translator’s native language. A native speaker will usually not only have knowledge of the proper grammar but also of cultural nuances of the language. A translator must take these nuances into account to ensure documents are translated accurately.

Another important criterion is how well the translator knows the source language of the document. Even if the translator knows the target language very well, without in-depth knowledge of the source language of the document, he may not be able to capture the correct context and may translate the document incorrectly into the target language.

If you are familiar with either the source or target language of the requested translation, you may want to ask the translator to send you some sample work to determine if the translator meets source and target language criteria. Many translators do not have any formal education. In your selection you may want to give priority to translators who have completed some type of linguistic training. This type of background often comes in useful when translating text with complex terminology. If the text for translation is related to a unique field, ensure that the translator has some experience working in this field. Very often field specific documents require knowledge of advanced vocabulary of which only a specialized translator may be aware. When working with a translator, communication is one of the key elements for successful completion of your project. If the potential translator works full time, you have a better chance of communicating with him more effectively. Part-time translators may not respond as quickly as full time translators.

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